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     Welcome to Four Paws Family Farm


We take pride in providing our community with high quality, grass-raised and finished lamb. We believe in raising our animals in the most natural environment possible, where they are free to roam and live happy lives on our lush pastures. It’s our dream to have more control over what goes into our food and know how our food is treated along the way. We believe all our animals should be given the best life possible and that includes using holistic practices that maintain good health and well-being.




    Taste the difference in each of our cuts of 100% grass-fed and finished lamb meat. Our animals are raised within their natural social groups on lush pastures supplemented with wild grasses and herbs. Their ability to express their natural instinctive behaviors in a low-stress environment results in lean and flavorful meat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. You will find this the healthiest and most delicious grass-fed lamb meat you have ever tasted.

No Hormones
Grass fed and finished
Lovingly raised
No Antibiotics

Grass to Table

Humanely Raised
No Hormones
Grass Fed & Finished
No Antibiotics

Farm Tours

We offer farm tours by appointment. Come see where your food comes from! Seasonally, we have lambs to cuddle, and animals to feed and meet. Educational for the whole family. Please call or email to schedule. 

About Us

 At Four Paws Family Farm, we pride ourselves on being a true family business. We moved to our farmstead in 2022 so we could become more self-sufficient. It's our dream to have more control over what goes into our food and how our food is treated along the way. Our family upholds the values of hard work, dedication, and sustainability. When you choose us, you're not just supporting a local farm, but becoming a part of our extended family.

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