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                          Suffolks by Misty Ridge

Misty Ridge Farm, owned by Sheila Hudson, is our sister farm up here on Muddy Creek Mountain. Sheila breeds Suffolks for breeding, showing, and club lambs. 


The Suffolk sheep is a superior producer of lean meat due to rapid early growth, heavy muscling, and efficient conversion of forage and other feedstuffs. Suffolks are striking in breed character and unrivaled in beauty, having jet black, wool-free heads and legs that sharply contrast their clean white fleeces and pink skin. Suffolk genetics are highly-prized by commercial shepherds to improve the weights and carcass quality of their lamb crops, while the Suffolk head is designed to facilitate ease of lambing. 

Looking for Breeding Stock?

Limited stock is available each year.

Please call or email Sheila if you are interested in adding Katahdin's to your flock

(304) 661-1802 ~

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