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Farm Tours

Our first-hand farm tour gives you the opportunity to meet our friendly animals, learn about faming life, and gain a better understanding of where your food comes from. Enjoy our peaceful pasture and adorable little pond in addition to our animals. Our family-run farm is committed to providing our animals a happy, free-range life. We do everything as holistically and organically as possible and we love educating children about animal care, unusual animal facts, and educating adults about holistic practices, homesteading, and self-sufficiency.

This is a one hour tour that covers our entire farm and everything we do here including all the animals and gardens. We have sheep, a mini horse, chickens, ducks, barn cats, and dogs. The tours we give are all private (per carload/family). All payments for tours go to animal care and expansion of animal areas. In general, tours are for up to six people for an hour to an hour and a half. We welcome larger groups, however we usually need a second tour guide to help out.

Love on a Lamb

Seasonally, we have lambs available to cuddle. During your session, you will be able to hold and cuddle baby lambs. You will be in the pen with the babies. We occasionally even have orphan babies from other farms that you may be able to bottle feed.


These sessions are hands-on experiences.  Animals are unpredictable. When handling lambs, we can not guarantee you won't get urine or feces on you or your clothes/shoes. Please wear closed toe shoes, and be prepared to possibly get dirty. Please do not wear strong smelling perfumes or lotions. 

We focus completely on sheep animal husbandry and you will get to cuddle and possibly even bottle feed lambs. This tour will only have bottle feeding available when and if we have bottle baby orphans. We often take in lambs from neighboring farms when they have orphans due to rejection from the mother or in the case of triplets when the mother can't provide enough milk for all her lambs.

There are no restroom facilities or refreshments at this time,

but we do offer a hand washing station.

    No pets of any kind. Wear comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes or boots (no sandals!), and be prepared to cover a good amount of ground. We are a working farm and you will be walking amongst animals. Poop will be involved in your visit! 😃

     There are real dangers on a working farm. Children (and adults) should not touch any animals or enter fenced areas without first being invited or instructed. Do not feed, pet, chase, grab, throw anything at, or shout at the livestock. No smoking on the property is permitted at all. Please put your trash in the proper receptacle.

      Our terrain may be too difficult for most sidewalk strollers, but a large-wheeled jogging stroller or off-road wagon will work in most weather conditions. By request, we also have a farm scavenger hunt game available for children to complete during their visit.

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