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​    Our farm offers a mixed flock of both registered and commercial Katahdin hair sheep. Started and finished on organic pastures, and loved on every day, these sheep are incredibly sweet and gentle.  We focus on parasite resistance, climate hardiness, and exceptional mothering abilities. We sell breeding stock to new Shepards wanting to start their own flock and to established breeders looking for new bloodlines.

Katahdin's are:

  • Medium sized, hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lean, meaty carcasses.

  • Highly resistant to parasites and require very low if any worming attention.

  • Grow a thick layer of hair that keeps them warm during winter and naturally shed that layer during the summer.

  • Only require minimal, if any, hoof trimming.

  • Ewes have exceptional mothering ability and lamb easily; the vast majority of lambs are born vigorous and alert. 

  • High grass-to-meat converters and a suitable choice for grass/forage-based management systems.


Grass Fed is Better for the Environment

    Sheep are friends of the earth and instinctively manage the land they graze. Grazing sheep can thin smothering overgrowth, eat noxious weeds dangerous to other livestock, help nourish wildlife by encouraging the growth of healthy forage, and recycle vital nutrients back into the soil. Grass fed lamb and sheep are a safe, natural and effective alternative to chemicals.

Looking for Breeding Stock?

We have limited stock available each year.

Please email Melissa if you are interested in adding Katahdin's to your flock

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