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Big News!

Updated: Apr 1

We have our first bottle baby of the year! It's a boy! He's a cute ram from SuAve Katahdin's, born early morning on Friday the 6th, whose mom has really bad mastitis. He's figured out the bottle and is doing really well! We've named him "Toaster". 2024 naming rules are names from Battlestar Galactica. IYKYK! 😂 He's in the house in diapers for a few weeks until we can get him a friend so they can go down to the barn together.

In other news: We have a skunk in the barn! It stinks so bad in there! I was almost choking on the smell while I was cleaning the other morning! Hopefully it clears out soon!

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1 Comment

So cute! Poor momma, mastitis is miserable.

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