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December on the farm

Updated: Jan 1

December is a quiet month on the farm. There's not much that can or needs to be done because the ground is frozen or wet, the grass isn't growing, the garden is put away for the winter, and the animals aren't busy with babies.

I spend every morning tending to my various "cat boxes" as I jokingly call Fiona's stall, the sheep side of the barn, and the chicken and duck coops. I scoop out the poop every morning and check to make sure everyone is doing well.

Updates on the crew:

Nigel, our drake who was hatched and raised by a chicken, is bonding nicely with his girls. They love him and he is getting better about staying with them. He was wandering off with the chickens at first, but the ducks are becoming a more cohesive unit these days.

The chickens are all doing really well. It's much calmer around here since we culled the three crazy roosters. Rollo, our remaining Icelandic rooster is a total sweetheart and we're really happy with our decision to cull the crazy guys.

I brought the ewe's and our new ram back from SuAve Katahdin's. Everyone's doing great and after a little pushing and shoving between Rooster and Sirius they've worked it out and Rooster is firmly in charge. My guys really want to change Rooster's name to Merlin because of his beard. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Started decorating the tree. It's not done, but we're working on it...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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