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Happy New Year!!!

I'm sitting here watching it lightly snow outside and thinking about all my 2024 goals and plans for the farm. I have so many dreams for this farm it's hard to know how many dreams I can realistically turn into goals for this year. We WANT to add turkeys, meat chickens, and pigs to our farm as soon as possible. Our main limiting factor is of course infrastructure which can be quite costly initially. We need to build a better chicken/duck coop for our existing birds, a new coop for turkeys, and a chicken tractor for the meat chickens. I see lots of building in my future!

We've decided that when we start our pig adventure it will be with Idaho Pasture Pigs. They are grazers like sheep, instead of pasture destroyers, so we think that will go nicely with our more natural way of raising our animals. Jason found a local farm that raises this type of pig, so now we just need fencing and some sort of three sided run-in for them. Through my research I've found that pigs do quite well in electric fencing so we're planning to raise them out in the pasture in an electric net fencing. I'm hoping we can be organized and ready for pigs by this fall. Goal? Dream? Not sure yet....

I'm so excited for lambs this year! It's getting harder and harder to wait until March! We are going to have more than twice the amount of lambs this year! That's a lot of cuteness! Can't wait!

Well, I'm off to do a seed inventory. Hopefully I can figure out how to be successful with our garden this year. Almost anything is better than last year! Ugh! Total failure!

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