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It's February and we have a second baby!

Updated: Apr 1

Meet Caprica! She comes to us from SuAve Katahdin's (our favorite breeder 😃) Her mom had triplets and couldn't feed them all, so she's here with us! She's such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle! Toaster is super happy to have a friend! They are down in the barn together now and doing really well! Caprica is going to be added to our breeding flock. I can't wait to see her babies!

It's been cold around here lately. We've been breaking ice buckets, hauling water, and working to keep everyone warm. We're looking forward to spring when the grass comes back and the farm looks pretty again!

We just gave all our pregnant ewe's their "month before lambing vaccine"! So excited for our upcoming lambing in mid-March! They're starting to look pretty wide and they're laying around a bit more because of their super large bellies! I'll have to try to get some pictures that show how wide and uncomfortable they are.

One of my ducks has started laying, so I'll be setting eggs soon. Ducklings coming.....

Some farming logistics: we didn't figure our hay needs correctly and have had to go searching for more hay to carry us through the rest of winter. Luckily, we heard about a supplier through the grapevine and are loaded up again. Since we are still such a new farm we didn't know how much we would need. Now, I think we'll do better next winter.

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