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Lambing time is coming....

My girls look like they're about to explode! And we still have two weeks-ish to go! Poor things are so uncomfortable! Check out these pictures...

We're going to be working on lambing prep over the next few weeks. Lots of prep work to do! We need to build some jugs (if you don't know what those are they are little temporary bonding pens for mother and babies to get acquainted in for the first day or two after birth), get our medical supplies organized, and make sure to bring some camping chairs down to the barn so we have somewhere to sit while on baby watch!

Other news happening on the farm: Nigel, my current drake has been breeding the hens like crazy and all three of them are laying, so I'm incubating eggs right now - hopefully ducklings in about three weeks! I'll be candling the eggs in a couple of days to see how many are developing - fingers crossed for tons of cuteness!

Fiona is shedding like crazy! I guess she's getting ready to be stunningly beautiful again this spring.

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