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Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Trying out this blog post thing. I've never blogged before, so here it goes...

First, this is a day for remembering a truly horrible day in our history. I always take time to remember on this date...

My sunflowers are finally starting to bloom! They look great with the neighbors barn as the backdrop!

Just got Fiona back from her visit with her BOYFRIEND! Yes, we took her to get bred to an adorable little black stallion. He's so cute and sweet! We really hope to have a little baby around the end of July 2024.

I'm going to look at some new sheep next week at SUAVE Katahdin's. I'm excited to take my two registered girls over there to be bred and maybe pick up a few new girls to add to the flock!

Oh, fun times in the barn the other day. Came in to do morning chores only to find I'd forgotten to latch the gate to the center walkway. You know, the walkway where I keep EVERYTHING. And my bottle babies from this year have figured out how to open the door if it's not latched. Have you ever seen the movie Sixteen Candles? You know the party scene the morning after? Yeah, that was my walkway. I didn't think to take pictures until I was almost done cleaning it up. It was a disaster. Hay everywhere, treat bag ripped, poop on everything, all my tools and equipment scattered everywhere. They had been living it up in there for quite some time. I'm hoping not make that mistake any time soon!


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